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Global & Rural Health Scholars Program

Similar principles exist in the care of patients living in rural areas of the United States and in underserved areas abroad. Residents and fellows are increasingly interested in having exposure and experience with global and rural health during their training.  The GRHSP will provide a unified, coordinate curriculm to trainees, help organize rural and global rotations for residents and is designed with the goals to:

  1. To better serve patients of all ethnicities and backgrounds in high-income countries, including those living in rural areas, refugees, immigrants and those living in poverty;
  2. To improve the health of patients and populations worldwide by training physicians to engage in partnerships and capacity development;
  3. To better understand structural and historical causes of health inequity amongst populations;
  4. To meet GME trainee demand for global, rural and underserved education and training experiences during residency;
  5. To foster a culture of globally minded physicians who are trained to recognize health inequities, human rights issues, and advocacy opportunities in both high- and low-income settings;
  6. To foster an interdisciplinary approach to global health.