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Healthcare personnel, first responders, and frontline workers who have direct contact with patients and/or the public and have NOT received their COVID-19 vaccine can participate in this study. Please note: Participants may still receive the COVID-19 vaccine as long as vaccination occurs AFTER enrollment and initial visit with our study. For more information on who can participate please click here

We anticipate compensation going out quarterly (every three months) for the duration of the study. You will receive an email while in the study with information on how to collect the compensation.

Yes, persons with a previous confirmed infection of COVID-19 can still participate in our research study.

For our study we are looking for persons who have not received the COVID-19 vaccine when they enter our study. After the initial baseline blood draw with our study, it is up to the participant whether or not to receive the vaccine.

No, after you have completed your initial visit and first blood draw with our study you can choose whether or not to receive the COVID-19 vaccine.

Our weekly COVID-19 testing are all at home kits. You can do the weekly swab by yourself either from your home or your work. We will then pick it up from you at whichever location is easiest.

Your weekly results will be emailed to the email address you provide to us. Due to test results containing Protected Health Information (PHI) they will be encrypted and sent on a secure server.

The study is expected to last for two years.

This is subject to CDC in terms of releasing the results and type of results.

No. Vaccine effectiveness will be studies for those who chose to receive the COVID-19 vaccine while participating in our study.