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Julie M. Fritz

Julie M. Fritz, PhD, PT, ATC

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Departments Primary - , Adjunct - Orthopaedics

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Selected Publications

Journal Article

  1. Albin SR Koppenhaver SL Marcus R Dibble L Cornwall M Fritz JM (02/01/2019). Short-Term Effects of Manual Therapy in Patients After Surgical Fixation of Ankle and/or Hindfoot Fracture: A Randomized Clinical Trial. 1-32.
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  10. Briggs RA Houck JR LaStayo PC Fritz JM Drummond MJ Marcus RL (11/01/2018). High-Intensity Multimodal Resistance Training Improves Muscle Function, Symmetry during a Sit-to-Stand Task, and Physical Function Following Hip Fracture. 22(3), 431-438.
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