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Professional Development (RealMD)

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What is my highest purpose in medicine? Unfortunately, this will not be covered in next week’s test. It will not be covered in any test in medical school. Despite efforts by well-meaning people, the reality is that the culture of medical school often does not help students foster this sense of purpose. In practice, medical school is characterized by being a high-pressure environment aimed towards academic achievement. RealMD is a community where students, faculty, and staff support and challenge one another to maintain a focus on one’s highest purpose in medicine.


The Purpose of RealMD

The purpose of the RealMD Program is to promote a connection to one’s highest purpose in medicine.

Program Objectives: From participation in RealMD, we would like to realize the following outcomes for those in our community:

  • PURPOSE: Clearer Sense of Purpose. Students and members of the community have greater clarity and connection with the reason they are in medicine or medical education. They will be better able to withstand external pressures related to performance which often take away from purposeful learning.
  • COMMUNITY: Greater Sense of Empathy and Belonging. Students and members of the community can better relate to one another. People feel that they are known and cared for by the members of the professional community.
  • MEANING: Greater Sense of Self-Determination. Students and members of the community can make choices about their education and professional experience which are more in line with their values and professional purpose.

As a result of the greater sense of purpose, belonging, and self-determination, students will reflect back on their medical school experience and say, “That was hard, but it was one of the most meaningful times in my life.”