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Wilderness & Expedition Medical Specialists

Wilderness Medical Direction

Wilderness and outdoor guiding companies operate in physically demanding and potentially dangerous settings. These include high altitude, desert, glacier, rock terrain, swift water, and subaquatic environments. With trained and experienced leadership, the risks to participants can be substantially reduced. However, medical issues may arise which require treatment, stabilization, evacuation, and ongoing management. Proper education of instructors and guides, customized care protocols and instant access to professional guidance are necessary for safe and successful expeditions.

We provide medical oversight for all aspects of your organization, from participant health screenings to post-trip analysis. Insurance companies recognize that organized medical direction is an important way to mitigate risk. Many insurance companies will provide discounts to those organizations that have proper medical oversight.

The University of Utah faculty is nationally known for expertise in wilderness medicine. Our highly respected Wilderness Medicine Fellowship has been operating for almost a decade, with faculty including national experts in Wilderness Medicine, Prehospital Emergency Medical Services, and Search & Rescue. We are optimally positioned to provide guidance to your organization.


We provide guidance in the following areas:

  1. Participant Medical Record Review & Screening
  2. Instructor Evaluation & Training Recommendations
  3. Offline Medical Direction & Protocols
  4. Online Medical Direction & Telemedicine
  5. Medical & Survival Kit Customization
  6. Medication Prescriptions & Equipment Ordering
  7. Expedition Medical Coverage
  8. Post-Expedition Analysis