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The PRC Celebrates 5-Year Green Performing Programs in the 2023 Review

GME Newsletter | October 2023

The PRC Celebrates 5-Year Green Performing Programs in the 2023 Review

Each year the Program Review Committee (PRC), a sub-committee of the Graduate Medical Education Committee, completes an extensive evaluation process that identifies areas for improvement, related to accreditation compliance, in our sponsoring institution’s ACGME-accredited programs, in fulfillment of  ACGME requirement I.B.4.a).(1).   

In addition to offering supportive initiatives for programs with concerns, this marks the second year that the PRC has awarded programs that have maintained a green-flag status for 5 consecutive years with Recognition of Excellence in Graduate Education Training.   

Maintaining a green-flag rating is no small feat. It signifies that the program has not only met but consistently exceeds the benchmarks set forth by the ACGME and our institution. Which demonstrates the program’s commitment to excellence, significantly contributing to the future of healthcare.   

Congratulations to our 5-year green performance programs!

  • Child & Adolescent Psychiatry  

  • Dermatology   

  • Otolaryngology-Head & Neck Surgery  

This award serves as recognition of the tireless efforts of program directors, program coordinators, managers, and many others who are dedicated to creating an environment conducive to learning, organization, and the practice of consistent process improvement. We thank you!  

You can find more information about the PRC and its processes here