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Academic Success Programs & Services


The Academic Success Program provides a number of resources and services for current MD students, including:


The educational transition to medical school can be challenging and demanding. To assist students with these demands, the Academic Success Program provides free individual and group tutoring.

ASP offers numerous types of tutoring opportunities with many pathways to take advantage of them. Please visit this page for more information about our tutoring program and how to participate in it.

Workshops and Presentations

The Academic Success Program provides regular workshops and presentations on topics related to:

  • courses,
  • clerkships,
  • board exams,
  • test-taking,
  • time management, and
  • improvement of overall academic performance.

Details about these workshops and presentations can be found on our program’s calendar.

Board Exams Prep 

ASP also provides help with the Step 1 and Step 2 board examinations. This help includes  monitoring and administration of practice exams and the creation of study calendars (including advice on when to set a test date). These resources aim to maximize student performance. We also maintain a resource library of study materials for students in clerkship rotations and preparing for board examinations.


The Academic Success Program administers a mentoring program aimed at helping first-year students transition into the intense academic environment of medical school. Our mentors provide a stable network of support and advice that help students successfully navigate their new surroundings.

Virtual Counseling 

For students who cannot or opt not to meet in person, the Academic Success Program offers regular online availability over Zoom. The Academic Success Program scheduling assistant can help you set up an online or in-person appointment.