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What Is Wellness?

Wheel of Wellness


Wellness is first and foremost a choice to assume responsibility for the quality of your life. It begins with a conscious decision to shape a healthy lifestyle. Wellness is a mind set, a predisposition to adopt a series of key principles in varied life areas that lead to high levels of well-being and life satisfaction. A consequence of this focus is that a wellness mind set will protect you against temptations to blame someone else, make excuses, shrink accountability, whine, or wet your pants in the face of adversity.

Don Ardell, PhD, Living Well Center, University of Buffalo

The World Health Organization in 1948 broadly defined wellness as "not merely the absence of disease and infirmity" but an overall sense of well-being. Modern definitions often specify well-being as satisfaction in multiple interrelated realms:



The University of Utah and their partners provide resources and supports for students along a variety of topics.

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