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The purpose of mentoring is to bring medical students and alumni together. 

ALUMNI are called upon to share their perspectives of the practice of medicine and their specialty while discovering how students are medical education is evolving. 

STUDENTS gain relevant knowledge outside an academic setting and and offered a better understanding of professional life in medicine. Insights students gain help them prepare and plan for their professional career. 


Students are encouraged to contact the Alumni Relations Office at 801-581-8591 or email to

Dinner with a Doc

Dinner with a Doc program matches first and second-year medical students with alumni and practicing physicians in the Salt Lake City area. 

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Mentor Mixer

Mentor mixer is a speed mentoring event for first and second year students meet with local alumni for short, focused discussions on an array of topics. Learn more by email

ForeverUtah Network

Connect with fellow grads in your field or with similar interests. Leverage your professional network for introductions to people you should know. Mentor, inspire, and hire current students. 

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