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Student Emergency Fund

In 2011 the Student Programs Committee of the School of Medicine Alumni Board recommended the establishment of an emergency fund based on input from student and resident members of the Alumni Association board.

This assists current medical students in special circumstances who face situations that make continuing medical school difficult. This assistance gift is not meant to replace scholarships or loans but help the individual over a brief period of crisis with funds to bridge a gap in funding.  The gift, which will affect cost of attendance and student loan amounts, is by application process and is limited up to an amount of $2,000.

Examples of appropriate uses of the fund include;

  • serious illness of a medical student or family member
  • travel to assist with family emergencies such as a death in the family, or care of an acutely ill child or parent.
  • Financial straits that prohibit a students payment of fees for exams by an unforseen circumstance.

Apply Here

After the request is recieved, financial aid will review the application to determine impact on cost of attendance and if the student is otherwse in good standing.  Once reviewed by the commitee awards will be given in amounts up to $2,000. Providing an accurate account for the student emergency fund request will assist in expediting the process.

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Support the Student Emergency Fund

Anyone can donate to the fund. Mail your contribution to the specifying that you would like your gift to directly apply to the University of Utah School of Medicine, Student Emergency Fund.

School of Medicine Alumni Relations
332 1400 E #73, Salt Lake City, UT 84112

If you would like to learn more about the Alumni Student Emergency Fund please send an email to or call (801) 581-8591.