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Department Sponsored Visitors Program

International Visitors Policies and Procedures

                              Visiting international Medical Students and International Medical Graduates


   This protocol was developed to provide a process for bringing international visitors to the University of Utah School of Medicine who are outside the Dean’s Office Global Health Education unit programs. Visitors must have appropriate approvals and must comply with hospital requirements. Following are the criteria for sponsoring international visitors.


                                                               Criteria – Physicians/Residents

  • A physician or resident is defined in this case as someone who has a medical degree from a non-US school.
  • Visitor must have an individual faculty sponsor and department/division approval.
  • Visitor does not pay tuition; thus, faculty and departments/divisions may not be compensated for hosting international residents/physicians.
  • Department must take responsibility for all educational activities.
  • Visitor will not be eligible in participating in hands-on clinical care activities; therefore, no liability (malpractice) insurance will be necessary.


The following is necessary:          

  • Immunizations & TB-free verification
    • Health insurance
    • Application fee
    • ID badges, HIPAA, Confidentiality Agreement



                                                                     Criteria – Medical Student

A medical student is defined in this case as someone who is currently attending medical school and is of good standing as verified by their medical school.

  • A visiting medical student must have a sponsoring department or sponsoring faculty member who is able to fill out the UUSOM Faculty Approval Form and create a clinical learning schedule and provide an evaluation.
  • Visitor must be vetted through the University of Utah Health Systems.
  • Visitor may not replace a University of Utah student.
  • Patient interaction is under the direct supervision of faculty from the sponsoring
  • department/division.
  • Visitor must have 12 months clinical experience (equivalent to U of U final year students).
  • Visitor must meet hospital requirements:

                   •           Immunizations & TB-free verification

            •           Health insurance

            •           If visitor is to have any patient contact must provide US acceptable liability insurance –$1,000,000per event/$3,000,000 aggregate.

            •           An application fee of $350 to $1,090 must be paid by the visitor or the department. *Application fees differ depending on country of origin.




                                                             Visitor’s Responsibilities

  • Housing

The office of Global Health Education is willing to assist in finding housing or providing resources that are helpful for finding affordable housing near the University Hospitals and Medical Centers.  If the options provided by the Office of Global Health Education are not desirable, the visitor is fully responsible for finding their own accommodations.


  • Application Fee

An application fee is required as a part of the visitor application. The fee depends upon country of origin and ranges from $350 to $1,135. Both visiting International Medical Students and International Medical Graduates are required to pay the same fee.


  • Travel costs

The visitor is responsible for their own travel costs.



  • Evaluation Forms (Medical students only)

The visitor is responsible to provide their own evaluation forms and submit them to their Sponsoring Department.


  • Transportation

The visitor is responsible for their own transportation costs to and from the University Hospital. The office of Global Health Education can provide a bus pass, that the visitor is responsible for loading and must return it at the end of their rotation. UTA services have multiple options to purchase day passes, week passes and monthly passes and these are all available in the UTA mobile app.




Please reach out to or if you have any further questions. Please note that the Office of Global Health Education is not able to provide any information about available electives or departments that are willing to sponsor international visitors.