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Three weeks (15 working days) of paid annual vacation, and one week (5 working days) of paid annual personal/professional development time which must be scheduled with the approval of the Program Director, as well as 5 days of paid annual Sick Leave . The University of Utah Health trainee leave policy meets the requirements of the Family Medical Leave Act of 1993, allowing up to 12 weeks of leave per rolling calendar year for eligible employees, Please see the linked Leave Policy PDF:


The resident has a choice of health insurance plans. Premium costs are shared between University Hospital and the trainee for health coverage for the trainee and family. Group dental insurance for trainee and family at a nominal charge per month. Group life insurance policy of $25,000 at no charge. Additional life insurance up to a maximum of $350,000 may be purchased by the trainee.

Also offered is disability insurance with own occupation clause with built-in cost of living rider. Additional options may be purchased by the trainee. Malpractice insurance is provided by the hospital for professional activities that are an approved part of the training program.

Dues & Fees

Utah Medical Association (UMA) membership provided for all trainees. Membership includes financial counseling and other benefits.

Utah license and controlled substance license, Utah controlled substance exam, and standard FCVS report fees are paid by graduate medical education office. Residents are exempt from the drug enforcement agency certification fee, unless they choose to moonlight; then resident pays for DEA certificate.

Educational Allowance

Residents are given a budget of $2500.00 to use for books, software programs and related expenses over the course of their 4-year residency

Tuition Reduction

Other benefits, such as reduced tuition, bookstore discount, and others as offered to all University employees. Travel funds for conference attendance are available to present at select conferences.

2022-2023 Stipend Levels

  • PGY2 - $65,547
  • PGY3 – $68,014
  • PGY4 – $71,047
  • PGY5 - $73,594